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Bulbs for Spring in Nashville

bulbs for spring


Here in Nashville we have a wonderful year defined by four distinct seasons. Our Winter is fairly mild with only a few inches of snow a year. Our snow doesn't even make it past a couple of days when it is at its worst. Spring is full of abundant flowers of which bulbs make an amazing show. Summer is hot and humid for only a couple of months and then the much anticipated Fall arrives.

Cream Colored tulips Bulbs for spring photo

Cream Colored Tulips

Late Fall and early Winter are the best times for planting bulbs. Some of our Favorites are Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, and Hyacinth.


Hyacinth Bulbs in Spring
Hyacinth emerging in Spring Hyacinth emerging in Spring our Bulbs page
blue hyacinth spring bulbs pink hyacinth bulbs page for spring

Hyacinths first emerging and in full bloom


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Bulbs can be bought at most nurseries and large garden centers. Alot of times the directions for planting them are right there on the package.

Daffodils in Spring - Bulbs



To plant most bulbs you simply dig a hole into your planting bed, face the bulb up and cover with soil.

Each type of bulb should be planted a different depth. Read your instructions to find out how deep to plant yours. A good rule of thumb for us is to plant twice the depth of the bulbs size.


Crocus Spring Bulbs



Most bulbs have sort of a chocolate kiss type shape. The pointy side is up and the wider size is down.

If you plant bulbs and the weather is too warm you risk your bulb comming up too soon and freezing before it even blooms.

If there is a type of bulb that you see we didn't mention here that you would like mentioned just send us an e-mail and we will add your vaforite to our list.

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