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Middle Tn Sod Q&A

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We will install your sod on your property with High Quality Sod grown in Middle Tennessee for a reasonable price.

Ways to know your getting good sod?
Does the grass look healthy or withered and dead?
If you flip the sod over do you see small onion bulbs?
How long has the sod been on the pallette? Your sod should be medium to dark green with the leaves full of liquid. The blades of grass should stand up once your sod is planted.

Will my sod do well in the shade?
Fescue is the most tolerant grass to plant where there is partial shade. In deep shade you should consider making a landscape bed and planting ground cover.
Sod needs water to get established. So water your sod plenty once it is put down. A good idea would also be to put down a fungicide because consistant wet grass may develop a fungus.

In the Nashville area should I plant Sod in Mid to late Summer?
If you plan to water allot you may survive putting down sod in the late Summer. But remember allot of water means watering thoroughly making sure to saturate the soil where the new sod is planted.

Should I plant sod in Fall or Winter?
In our opinion Fall and Winter as well as Spring are optimum times for planting Sod. During Fall and Winter sod is concentrating on root growth. This means healthy grass in Spring and Summer when your sod will need those roots to survive the Drought time of year.

Should I over Seed my new sod?
We recomend that you overseed new sod as well as put down a fungucide. Our clients determine whether or not we overseed or put down a fungus product we always have it as an option. Overseeding your new sod helps to close up any seems and fill any small gaps creating a dense lawn.

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We will install sod from local growers to meet your needs. Do you have a shady area, or more sunny location?

This past Summer was a scorcher and if you need to be sodded call us. If you are in the Nashville Area we can help your property get back to its original green grassy look or maybe it will be better than before. Middle Tn Sod.

Rolls of Sod, Squares of Sod. Truckloads of Sod in Middle Tennessee ready to be installed for you. Ready to Buy Sod ---> Nashville Sod Availability.


We install sod in Middle Tennessee. Call today for a sod installation.

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