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Perennial Garden Design Front and Back Yard


Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley

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Perennial Garden Design Front and Back Yards in Nashville Tn By:

Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley

Thank you for using Quigleys Landscaping for your Design needs. The image of your home is meant to be a close replica and not exact. These images will be updated often until the design is complete so check in often.

Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping Front Yard in Nashville TN.

Below I have added some large evergreens to frame the front of the home as well as added a boulder to the right.

Landscape Designer in Nashville TN Dalton Quigley

Next came the birdbath we spoke about with stepping stones, I also added some Maiden grasses.

Second Front Yard Improved image from Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley

And lastly I added a couple more boulders that are hard to see in this image below and at this poinnt there are Hydrangea, a small Japanese Maple, Lavender, Drift Roses, Golden Mop Cypress and more. I need some feedback on density and look.

Completed Front Yard Perennial Garden 1.

This is the Third Perennial Garden Image for the Nashville Front Yard Perennial Project by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping.

Completed Front Yard Perennial Garden 2.

Nashville Garden in Front Yard Perennial Garden by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping in Nashville TN.

Completed Front Yard Perennial Garden 3.

Perennials in the front Garden with birdbath, and natural stone, design by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping

Next I will be adding the Back yard images soon. Just text me if you have any questions. Talk to you soon.

Nashville Landscape Designs by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping

Improved Back Yard Below Here --------------------------------------------------------------

The Waterfall water feature with small pond has been added to the images as well as a walkway.

Nashville Perennial Garden Design in the Back Yard by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping.

Below an Arbor has been added to the walkway and pond/waterfall perennial back yard area.

Nashville Perennial garden Backyard design with walkway, arbor, and wall by Dalton Quigley Nashville Landscape Designer.

Below are the bones for a great perennial garden. The plants listed below are a Hinoki Cypress Cripsii, Hinoki Cypress Dwarf, two small ever green shrubs, skypencils, spirea, and Maiden Grasses. I also added boulders for a great little place to sit in the back while enjoying your surroundings.

Nashville Perennial Garden Design of a Back Yard with boulders, evergreens, grasses, and hinoki cypress by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping of Nashville TN.

And below this point I have added more plants and filled most of the space. There are places where more can be added and you have some personal items y ou wanted to put in the garden so this space have left in the perennial garden will work for those.

Back Yard Landascape Design of a Perennial Garden in Nashville Tn by Dalton Quigley.

Now lets walk together down the garden path between the sitting walls and toward the daylillies.

LandscapeNashville.com Landscaping Design Services by Dalton Quigley of Quigley's Landscaping.

On the left are grasses and russian sage, boulders are coming up next with some sedum growing beneath some while sweet flag grows beneath the other.

Follow along through this perennial design in a back yard by Dalton Quigley of Nashville Tennessee.

The blue juniper is a blue star juniper which get about the size you see in this image. Hydraingea are included in the images as well on the sides near the fence areas.

Take a walk through this perennial garden design very modern with boulders and a fireplace, by Dalton Quigley

In this image on the right you can see spirea behind the daylillies and salvia on the left which is showing up rich purple. Lstly next to the fountain are coral bells and an evergreen shrub. We can put some Nandina there as well.

Welcome to information about this back yard Perennial Garden for Tennessee with Evergreens and an Arbor by Dalton Quigley.

The above image is a view across the garden. The tall evergreen with yellow on the right is a Hinoki Cypress Cripsii and behind it is Aucuba Gold Dust..

Landscape Designers in Nashville Quigleys Landscaping designed this back yard space with function in mind.

Isn't this view from above stunning.

Above view of a beautiful garden made for relaxation and peace of mind in Nashville Tn by Dalton Quigley.

I left you a message on your answering machine and hope to talk by phone tomorrow so we can discuss changes. Talk to you soon.




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