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Sign Landscaping


When planning your signage you should also plan your landscape that will accompany it. To many times a sign is placed with no landscaping. This gives your sign an industrial feel which is hard and unpleasant. Use landscape plants and colorful annuals to attract attention to your sign. Adding landscaping to your sign is an investment but one that when done correctly pays you back for years to come.

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The steps for planting your landscape are below from having only a bed and no plants to a full complete landscape.


Nashville Sign Landscaping Sign with no plants


Signage without Landscaping. A bed was created previously for annuals.

Company Sign with plants laid out to be planted


After careflully selecting your plants lay them out in the bed while still in the pots and step back to see how the layout appears. Make ajustmets.

Nashville Sign Landscaping View from farther away plants still in pots.


Viewing the layout from a distance gives you a different perspective and you can ajust the landscape before planting.

Nashville landscaping for signs planted landscape without mulch.


Once planted you can still easily ajust any plants that need moving because the soil is still soft from digging. This photo has no mulch.

Sign Landscaping Nashville Side view of completed project.


This photo is of the completed landscape with Black Hardwood Mulch.

Nashville landscaping for signs, mulched finished landscape


This is a very welcoming professionaly landscaped sign.

Preparing the bed area will take some time but before you start you should draw out your sign along with the hard surfaces around it to get a top down view of your area for designing beds. Remember that curves are typicall more pleasant than hard right angles.

( a tip from Charlotte Appleton on Facebook is " Climbing plants can also be used to frame the sign ")

During your design process an idea to consider is that the plants should not block the view of lettering on your signage. Evergreens in the back areas where space permits is always a good idea, Perennials add an element of color and interest during their seasons and should be put off to the sides and in front of your evergreens, and lastly annulas should be put right up front in prominent areas to draw the attention to the sign.

Before planting lay out the plants so you can get a look at them from a distance, picture yourself driving by and glancing over. What do you see? You will discover that this one simple idea may give you help in ajusting the plants to a more pleasing placement. No matter what your structure there is a design that will work.

Your Signage may be stone, brick, or even some type of composit with stucco. You will need to consider the colors of your lettering, size and placement of your sign, and any local codes restricting what you can and cannot plant.


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