Our Backyard Services

Giving you a new backyard

Is your backyard in need of renovating? Whether you need hardscaping, landscaping, pools, water features, irrigation, sod, or any other outdoor project, we can make your backyard look great. An aesthetically pleasing and functional backyard is possible for any home with attention and effort. It’s our goal to help bring out that kind of useful and beautiful space through our variety of services to all of our clients.

Renew your space

With experience from working alongside hundreds of homeowners in the area, we are the perfect team for renovating your space. If you have a blank slate, we can work with you to create and implement a plan for your yard, turning it from that empty canvas it was before, into a beautiful and functional yard for you and those around you to enjoy. Alternatively, if you already have a yard with a style or function you are dissatisfied with, we can work with what you have, or rip it out and start new to give you exactly what you want and need.

What is a hardscape?

A hardscape is basically any surface made out of a hard material like stone or rock. If you are in need of hardscapes of any variety, you’re in the right place. There are many types of hardscapes, and all are useful and can help to improve any backyard space.

Selecting the right hardscape

If you are wanting to improve walkability in your space, a walkway or patio is the way to go. If you are looking for seating, a seat wall is what you need. If you are looking for a new way to entertain, a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen would benefit your backyard immensely.

Why landscape your yard?

Landscaping is an essential part of any backyard. Plants do not only serve aesthetic purposes in the yard either. If you need privacy from prying eyes, or noisy streets and neighbors, there are lots of plants to provide exactly what you need.

Plants with Purpose

No matter how formal or relaxed a feel you are going for with your backyard, plants are the best way to bring out the style you are looking for. They also work effectively as a sound barrier between your home and any outside noise, like sounds from a busy street.

Fit your Style

If you want something more modern or formal, more regular shaped plants may suit your style better, providing clean lines in the landscape and avoiding the clutter of a more irregular plant. Whereas for a more rustic and informal yard may prefer a shaggier more comfortable kind of plant to fill in the spaces and anchor your eyes.

Why Irrigate your yard?

When winter turns to spring, it’s time to start watering again. Installing an irrigation system erases that issue by watering for you. Whether you have many beds, or just sod in your yard, an irrigation system will put in the work, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our Systems

We use the Hunter Hydrawize system, which uses wifi from your home to see local weather patterns and data from the previous days to decide when and if watering is necessary.

Sprinkler head spring hill
Pool backyqard design spring hill

Beat the Heat

Nothing quite matches the feeling of stepping out of your back door and taking a dip into your own pool! There’s no better way to beat the summer heat. Owning a pool is a wonderful way to elevate the functionality of your space in a way that people of all ages can enjoy.

Better Together

Whether it’s a family get-together, or a gathering of friends, a pool is one of the best ways you and your family can make memories that last a lifetime. Not to mention the endless opportunity for exercising your body to maintain your health.

Sod types

There are a few types of sod that are available in the middle Tn area. We offer installation of all three varieties of sod that can grow in the area, as well as artificial turf.

Which type of sod is right for you?

There are three types of sod to select from in the middle Tn area. Each is unique and requires different amounts of maintenance.


First is Bermuda, which will grow anywhere there is sunlight. It’s a very fast-growing and aggressive plant, which will be easy to keep alive and happy as long as it’s in a full sun area, it also turns tan in the winter.


The second option is Fescue. This is probably the most popular lawn option, as it grows very thick and strong, however, it does require regular watering in the summer, and needs to be seeded every year in order to keep it growing its’ best.


Finally, our last sod option is Zoysia. Zoysia is the most expensive, as it grows at half the speed of fescue, which means less lawn maintenance. It’s the highest quality, however, and it spreads very slowly, so gaps will take a while to fill in.

How do I get my backyard to make sense?

There are many variables that go into organizing a backyard, a few key items are generally necessary to help it make sense. Establishing a theme, picking the type of plants, and selecting which hardscapes would be useful for you are a few ways to help in this area.

Let us make your dream backyard!

Your backyard matters, and we are here to help you with all the projects you need. If you live in the Nashville, Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, College Grove, Thompsons Station, Bell Meade, Murfreesboro, Berry hills, Forest Hills, or Arrington areas, we are here to work for you!