Fire Pits

Our Fire Pit Services

Why get a fire pit?

Fire pits are a classic addition to any backyard. Picture yourself enjoying an autumn cookout, roasting hotdogs over an open flame, or gazing up at the stars. You could be having a heart to heart with a loved one, huddled around the warmth of your fire pit. Very few things can beat getting together with family and friends around a fire pit and making s’mores, sharing campfire songs, and creating memories to last a lifetime!

Types of fuel

When getting a fire pit installed with us, you have two main options for the fuel it will use. The first and more classic, rustic option is wood burning, you could purchase wood or gather wood and other fuel from your yard to burn within. Or, you could have a gas line run out to the fire pit with a burner of your choosing inside, in order to always have a classy, consistent, and elegant fire.

Selecting a material, size, and shape

Finally, you will have many options as far as size, shape, and material for your fire pit. Whether you want round, square, rectangular, or any other shape, we custom make your fire pit to your needs. We use a variety of materials in our fire pit installations, primarily between varieties of natural stone, pavers, or one of many varieties of stone veneer.

Gray natural stone patio with fire pit Arrington
Natural Stone on pallet Spring Hill

Natural Stone

Selecting natural stone for your backyard fire pit, it will have less  refined edges and more natural breaks to provide a rustic feel. The irregularity to the relaxed edge of natural stone conveys a much less formal feeling that is always warm and inviting. There are many varieties of natural stone, ranging from a reddish tan color to a more bluish gray.


Pavers can evoke a more ordered feeling, as the finish and edge on all of them will be exactly the same. If you intend to have a more modern, symmetrical, or formal feeling in your space, pavers are the way to go. With many patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, your options are

Paver stack patio Spring Hill

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