Winterization or Blowout Services

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Protect your Irrigation System

When fall turns to winter, and weather starts to turn frigid, there are certain steps you need to take in order to protect your irrigation system. Weather you just have some basic sprinkler heads, or drip running through every bed, your system needs to be protected from harsh winter freezes.

Why use our recommendation?

We recommend reliable professionals, who know what they’re doing and don’t take shortcuts. If your system is not winterized properly, that can not only cause costly repairs to pipes, but also can cause things like clogs and leaks in your sprinkler heads or drip lines.

What is Winterization?

That’s where winterization or a blowout comes in. Winterization is the process of removing the water from your irrigation system and shutting it off for the winter in order to protect your pipes from damage that remaining water will cause to your irrigation system. We know some great irrigation professionals who we work closely with and would be happy to send you their way. While we don’t directly do winterization ourselves, We do offer irrigation installation for our clients!



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