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With over 30 years in the landscape and hardscape industry, Quigley is your friend in the business. We do everything from patios to outdoor kitchens, to landscaping and more!

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3D Landscape Design Services

Design Principles

We use many established design principles to decide where to place certain elements in your design.

Your Style

In order to match perfectly to your unique style, needs, and space, we take everything into account. We look at what directions your space is facing, how water drains on your property, soil contents, and several other metrics in order to perfectly figure up what plants to install, and where to place them, as well as where hardscaping would be most appropriate.

Hardscape Services

Why add hardscaping to your backyard?

Your deserve to get the most out of your property. But, Grass and dirt are not always the most functional when it comes to spending your time outdoors in comfort. Having a patio, walkway, or hard walking area of any kind can make spending time outdoors easier in any weather.

Utilize your space

You can further increase the utility of your space by adding a fire pit or fireplace, a seating wall, or an outdoor kitchen! With add-ons like those, we can build you the backyard paradise of your dreams, and allow you to fully utilize and enjoy your yard.

Landscaping Services

The right plants for your space

We talk with you and take into consideration the amount of sunlight the ground gets, the direction that part of the house is facing, and other environmental variables to create the best path forward.

Renew your landscape

Whether you are starting from scratch on a brand new yard, or remodeling your existing landscape, we are here to give the best landscape to our clients.

Irrigation Services

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Why irrigate your yard?

You don’t necessarily need to irrigate your yard, however, if you have new plantings, seed, sod, or any plants you want to keep alive during the summer, watering regularly is necessary. If you want to remain comfortable in the warmer months, or don’t have the time to stand out in your yard once or twice a day and water everything, irrigation is a must-have upgrade for your yard.

Our drip irrigation systems

We install drip irrigation systems in all beds in order to best hydrate the plants you care about in your yard. No more endless standing out in the summer heat, instead, you set up your system once, and it’s done!

Outdoor Lighting Services

Don’t let the dark keep you indoors

Once you have a beautiful and functional outdoor space, there is still one big limiting factor on how and when you can use your space. Light. If you do not have any outdoor lighting, it is much less easy and comfortable to use your outdoor living area.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Whether it’s fallen branches, stair steps, or even wildlife, it can be tricky to navigate outdoors at night without illumination of some kind. And out outdoor lighting systems are the prefect solution! We use FX systems for our up and path lighting to keep you safe, comfortable, and aware at any time of day.

Swimming Pools

Learn more about our Swimming Pool Services


Learn more about our pine and cedar pergolas

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We service many cities around the middle Tennessee area. If you are in one of the cities below, we likely service your home and would be happy to set up an appointment and do work with you! We have been in business for over 30 years serving clients just like you! And have been dedicated to creating the most beautiful and practical outdoor spaces for upgrading your yard. Whether you need sodding, privacy screens, landscaping, landscape remodeling. We can handle anything plant-related, as well as covering all of your hardscape needs with our outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, retaining walls, and all other hardscape related services! In addition to all that, we also offer landscape lighting,  irrigation, swimming pools, pergolas, drainage, and much more. Quigley’s Landscaping is here for all your outdoor needs!

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