Design and Consultations

Our Design and Consultation Services

Do you need your space designed or just a consultation?

Are you unsure of where to start when it comes to improving your outdoor space?

Consider starting with a free quote or consultation from Quigley’s. Our team can provide you with expert advice and guidance on how to transform your yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis. A consultation is $150 per hour, during which we will walk the property with you, learn about you, your tastes, and your property and work with you to figure out what you want done and how best to move forward. If you already know what you want and just need pricing that is always free of charge.

But why stop at a consultation?

At Quigley’s, we also offer 3D landscape design services. Our team will work with you to create a customized design that fits your unique property and personal style. We’ll consider everything from plants and hardscapes to irrigation and lighting. Pricing for a design depends on your needs and the property.

And because we are a full-service landscaping company, we can also handle the implementation of the design.

This means you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple contractors or managing the project yourself. Just sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, give Quigley’s a call.

Our business has been taking care of customers just like you for over 30 years, and we’ll take great care of you as well. Whether it’s landscaping, hardscapes, pergolas, pools, irrigation, outdoor lighting, water features, or anything else, we’re ready and able to take on your project. We’ll bring expertise and creativity. Your yard (and your sense of style) will thank you.