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What is a pergola

A pergola is a freestanding structure that is usually used to provide shade, shelter, and a visual focal point in outdoor spaces. Our pergolas are made of treated pine, or cedar and designed with four standing posts and an open lattice roof. If you are getting a custom pergola, it may have a different amount of posts depending on size.

Weather protection

A pergola will provide you with the perfect amount of shade on  sunny summer afternoon, as well as some protection from rain during stormy weather as well. Elegantly upgrading any space, a pergola is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to have an upscale feel in their backyard. Whether in the harsh sun, or on a misty afternoon, a pergola will make your backyard much more comfortable to enjoy and use, even when the weather starts to turn inconvenient.

Visually appealing

They are eye-catching and are an easy way to convey a more intimate feeling in a space that would otherwise seem expansive and impersonal. Whether you are looking to create an outdoor room, add visual interest, or simply enjoy the outdoors more comfortably, a pergola is a must for spending quality time in the back yard! When under a pergola, you experience the enclosed feeling of being covered and sheltered from the elements, it makes your space a little more private; however, it does so in a way that does not impede the enjoyment or ease of access to the nature surrounding you. A pergola is just the thing to upgrade your hardscape with a warm and personal touch. Our pergolas come in one of two materials. First is Cedar, which is a more dense wood, and second is pine, which is a softer wood.

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Cedar Pergolas

Between cedar and pine pergolas, the cedar pergola would definitely last you longer. Since it’s a more dense wood, the elements will not have as great of an impact on the look of it. Cedar is a notoriously long-lasting material, so a cedar pergola would last you near indefinitely without warping or needing any kind of costly maintenance or repair.

Pine Pergolas

A pergola made of pine would be treated to make it have a longer life than it naturally would, but would eventually need posts and boards replaced due to warping in cold and hot weather. You would have about six to eight years before then, but they are not quite as permanent as their cedar counterparts. However, they are less expensive, as pine grows much faster and is much more available.

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