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Do I need mulch?

Mulch is a vital part of any landscaping for its range of effects on the soil and roots of your plantings. Keeping soil temperature regulated in the months with more extreme weather, a nice inch or two of mulch can help protect in both  hot droughts and freezes. Another big benefit of mulching your beds is weed suppression. Much less light reaches down to the places where young weeds can get it to grow, keeping weeding to a minimum and maintaining your bed’s aesthetic appearance. Finally, regularly mulching your beds will keep a steady supply of nutrient rich material to break down into the beds and keep your plants growing strong.

We use high-quality mulch from our trusted suppliers.

Which mulch is right for you?

There are several types of mulch to consider choosing when planning to create or refinish beds around your home.

Pine straw

Pine trees have unique leaves, which are long, thin, and turn to an orange-brown when they fall. These leaves can make for beautiful bed coverage for around your home. There are a few key benefits to installing pine straw around your home. First, is the acid level. Many plants prefer acidic soil, and pine straw can increase the acid level in the soil, and help nourish certain plants. Second, it is long lasting, pine straw can last up to 2 years in your beds, so it would not need to be urgently replaced soon after putting it down. Finally, it’s very cost effective, since many places around the middle Tennessee area are home to pine trees, pine straw is very inexpensive in the area.

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Using straw as mulch in your beds can also be a wonderful option. Straw is a very light yellowy brown color, and comes from wheat. It breaks down relatively quickly, so if your goal is simply to add nutrients to the soil around the plants in your bed, straw would be very beneficial for you. In the same vein, it can also help distract insects and snails from eating your plants. Lastly, it also helps retain moisture, which is imperative during the dry months of summer.

Wood Chips

By far our most popular option is wood chips. This is by far the most popular option, as this is the classic ‘mulch’ look that can be seen in most commercial and residential beds. This comes in several color options including the natural tan/brown look the wood itself carries, black, and red. These colors are typically made of pine bark, but there is also one more option, which is wood chip mulch made of cedar. This will naturally be a rusty red color, and will have a very pleasant aroma.

Our Recommendation

It can be difficult to sort through all of the different suppliers, options and locations to find the perfect way to order your landscape supplies. We can simplify that process at least a little by sharing with you our go-to mulch supplier, Midsouth mulch. No matter what variety or quantity you may need, it is likely that Midsouth will be able to help.

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Order Mulch to your home.

Your home for the mulches you need.

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We recommend have a trusted mulch supplier we recommend for all of our customers who are looking to just have mulch delivered to their home. They are wonderful to work with, offer a wide range of high-quality products that they will deliver and install at your home. Conveniently located in Franklin, Tn, Midsouth is our recommended supplier in the mulch industry. Whether you want to help prevent erosion in your beds, feed your plants better, or just spruce up the look of your beds, mulch from Midsouth is the way to go!

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