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Whether it’s time for quiet relaxation, or lively family gatherings, cooking outdoors in your outdoor kitchen is an elegant and luxurious experience. Cooking, grilling, and entertaining for family and friends feels brand new with a solid outdoor space to entertain within. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect addition to any home leveling up your counter space, entertaining area, and cooking ability.

Why hire Quigley’s for your patio kitchen space ?

We have been in the outdoor projects industry for decades, and have done a plethora of projects for clients all around the middle Tennessee area. From patios and fireplaces to outdoor kitchens and lighting. We handle outdoor kitchens and other hardscape projects of all shapes and sizes for our clients.

Flagstone outdoor kitchen spring hill tennessee

Our Process

When you get work done with Quigley’s, you get a personalized project built around your lifestyle and needs from the ground up. It starts with one of our 3 types of appointments. First is the free quote, where we just listen to you tell us what you want and we price it out. Next is a consultation, where we share our ideas and opinions and get a better feel for what your needs and tastes are, and provide guidance. The final option is a 3D design, where we consult with you, measure your space, recreate it in our CAD type software, and build out an ideal backyard paradise for you.

Building your Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on your appointment type, the process looks different from here, but no matter what you choose, we work with you hand in hand to ensure you get the highest quality product with the best construction. With outdoor kitchens, we will talk out material options, inserts, and size with you to get a firm grasp on your needs before pricing it out. Next, we will work on our end to figure out exact cost and send over a contract. After the contract is signed, we will set a date for work to begin, and stay in constant communication with you, providing updates and asking for any necessary permission needed while on your property.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen

So, what is an outdoor kitchen anyway? They tend to be made up of a grill, refrigerator, and plenty of counter space. However, a lot of people choose additional items including things like pizza ovens, lighting, built-in sinks, and a backsplash. The finish on our outdoor kitchens tends to be natural stone, brick, pavers, or stone veneer around the base and natural stone or granite for the countertops.

Outdoor kitchens make your home more enjoyable

They are a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy the great outdoors, even while preparing, serving, and sharing a meal. Transform the comfortable environment of your backyard into a luxurious kitchen space with an outdoor kitchen!

Entertaining, Hosting, and Socializing

An outdoor kitchen can be an appealing space to cook with family or relax in the evening. It also functions as a great entertaining space for hosting parties or spending time with friends and relatives. Your outdoor kitchen becomes the ideal spot for summer barbecues and get-togethers of all kinds!

You won’t miss out

As the cook, you can remain just as involved and not worry about missing out on crucial time with family and friends by constantly going in and out of the house to prepare and serve food. Whether for a summer barbecue, or a chilly autumn cookout, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition for your backyard or outside space.

Outdoor grill made with natural stone, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Nolensville, Arrington, and College Grove TN.

Component Ideas

If you are just beginning on your outdoor kitchen journey, we have a few recommended ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Grill – No patio cooking area would be complete without somewhere to cook, and a 32″ or wider grill is the most common way to do that.
  • Storage – Keeping your outdoor kitchen organized is just as important as it is indoors. Think about how many drawers and or cabinets you will need.
  • Refrigerator – Whether you’re reaching for a refreshing beverage, or your signature barbecue sauce, having a cooled space outdoors will easily elevate the sense of luxury and convenience in your backyard cooking space.
  • Lighting – Consider where to install fixtures to keep your space illuminated during any hour of day. Hardscape lights built directly into your backsplash make a stunning statement, and provide light from an elevated surface down onto the counter and grill.
  • Sink – Cooking can get messy, and walking all the way back inside to wash your hands after handling raw meat just won’t cut it. Having a sink on the patio is a game changer.
  • Pizza oven – Everyone loves pizza, and making one in your own outdoor pizza oven is a wonderful way to spend time with you loved ones.
  • Trash compartment – A countertop trash compartment will remove the hassle from post-cooking cleanup, and make quick work of anything you need to dispose of.

Now that you have your components figured out, It’s time to move on to material selection.

The right material for you

Natural stone

Natural stone is beautiful and irregular in a very pleasing way, and is a perfect material to face your outdoor kitchen.  Whether it be the countertops, the sides, or even the backsplash, Natural stone is eye-catching, and impactful, and will make for a stunning first impression in your guests’ minds.

Natural Stone on pallet Spring Hill
Belgard Paver Outdoor Kitchen


Using a paver product for your outdoor kitchen will give you clean lines, and a much more regular surface. If you are interested in a more modern, or symmetrical design, this may be the right material for you. It is simplistic, but powerful in its’ presentation, and is very pleasing to the eye.

Stone veneer

Using a stone veneer can appear similar to natural stone, however, there are a few key differences. Since it is not natural stone, but only looks like it, you get a little less asymmetry than with natural stone. The pieces are more regular and will look less rustic and relaxed for a more formal feel.

Gray natural stone outdoor kitchen with stainless appliances, green egg, and storage doors Spring Hill
Curvy brick patio nashville tn


Brick is a classic building material with a very distinctive feel. It is universally recognizable and effortlessly classy when done right. When used in a visually anchoring aspect of your yard such as an outdoor kitchen, using eye-catching patterns in brick is a go-to method to make it pop.

Hire us for your Outdoor Kitchen today!

Now that you know what material you prefer, it’s time to reach out to us to get started on your outdoor kitchen today! Quigley’s Landscaping is here for all your Outdoor Kitchen needs in the Nashville, Spring hill, Thompsons Station, Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, Murfreesboro, Bell Meade, Berry Hill, Forest Hills, and College Grove areas. We are proud to help with any project you need. For sizes, shapes, and materials Quigley’s is your number one for all things Outdoor Kitchen!