Privacy Screens

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Privacy Screen Side Yard Spring Hill

What is a privacy screen?

Well, a privacy screen is a straight line or staggered row of plants that will grow to create something like a living wall to protect privacy in your outdoor space. If you have nosy neighbors, or just want to feel more private and comfortable in your backyard or outdoor space, a privacy screen is the thing for you!

How big do I start?

You can start with  plants as small or large as you like, however, there are some factors to consider. Price is always a big point of contention. If you want to start with a larger plant, each one of those will end up more expensive than their younger counterparts. If you are in dire need of privacy right now, or very soon, then larger pants may be the way to go, however, if you have the time to let them grow, starting small will be more cost effective.

Where do i need privacy?

Privacy is necessary anywhere you want to be free from prying eyes of neighbors, bystanders, or cars driving by. Whether you want a visual barrier or an audio barrier, a living wall of plants is the perfect thing for you! If you plan to install, or already have a pool and or hot tub, a privacy screen can greatly enhance your experience while still providing a natural, peaceful, and relaxing environment without pressing on your mind with the harsh lines that a fence has. All in all, a privacy screen is a versatile and functional tool to installing consider when deciding what you want to use your backyard or outdoor space for.

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