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Purpose of boulders in landscaping

Boulders serve many purposes in the landscape, and can be a beautiful and functional tool to employ in any outdoor space. There are many colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to choose from, all of which will alter the impact that boulder will make on your mind in the space.

Transitions with boulders

One classic use of boulders in the landscape is that of the transitional object. At the end of a bed, beginning of a pathway, or any area where there is a change in style, a boulder can seamlessly connect the two sections in your mind.

Focal Point

Any boulder will draw in the eye, but a larger and more contrasting boulder can create a whole new environment inside the space it resides within. A large boulder can easily turn an empty feeling area into somewhere where people will naturally congregate.

Boulders as a backdrop

With more dramatic plantings, or areas where you want to bring out the finer details of a specific plant or plants, having boulders as a backdrop on one or multiple sides can vastly improve the impact of those plantings.

Boulder around Patio Brentwood
Boulder In Bed Spring Hill

Defining Lines

There are natural lines in every space, dividing and grouping areas in our minds whether we are aware of it or not. Boulders have a strong presence and are perfect for extending, capping off, or changing the course of those lines in order to completely reshape the space.

Balance and Placement

As we have discussed, the weight of boulders is incredibly strong in how we view a space, so it is imperative to be careful when selecting the location for a boulder or boulders. If they are on multiple sides, they will inevitably frame whatever lies within their boundaries.

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