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Paver patio with seat wall and firepit Spring Hill

Does the hardscape around your property feel like it’s missing something essential? What you’re looking for is probably a focal point visually or socially for the space you have. Anchoring your space with a central activity or function is a great way to draw attention in and complete a hardscape. The most popular and classic type of visual and practical anchor to install is a fire feature of some kind. Fire features include fire pits, fireplaces, and any other source of fire for your outdoor space.


A fireplace is a structure housing a hearth with a place to burn wood or have a gas fire, and a chimney going up from there to let out smoke. Many outdoor fireplaces are accompanied by a seat wall and or a mantle.

Separating your outdoor spaces

The use of a fireplace is great to exude a feeling of extravagance, and is used as a solid border to subdue a space and separate both sides from each other. This works well if you intend to have a solid border between areas in your backyard.

Stone fireplace and paver patio Forest Hills
Belgard paver patio with large fire pit and seat wall that has a back Franklin

Fire Pit

As a more basic structure, a fire pit fills a completely different role in the hardscape than a fireplace does. Fire pits are a short, round structure built to hold a fire at the bottom.

Access from all sides

Since a fire pit allows for 360 degree access, as well as an unobstructed view, a fire pit will allow for a much more open social experience, and have access for a larger number of guests. These can also be designed to use wood fuel or gas.

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