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Flagstone walkway with white mortar Belle Meade

Why choose Natural Stone

For a natural, rustic, or warm feel on your patio, walkway, or other hardscape, nothing beats natural stone. We have done hundreds of hardscapes from patios to fireplaces, and many of them have been beautiful natural stone. Not only does natural stone have a beautiful organic pattern and shape, but it is extremely durable, and the color never fades! If your natural stone looks a little dull, a quick spray with a pressure washer will reveal the original color! Also, unlike other materials, you don’t have any regular maintenance with it. Natural stone is durable, beautiful, rustic, low-maintenance, versatile, and perfect for any space you need!

Types of Natural Stone

There are several types of natural stone you can choose in order to find the precise color and feel you need for your outdoor space. There is a typical kind of stone we use called flagstone, and this primarily comes in tan and gray. A large portion of the natural stone surfaces you will see are made from this material. It is irregular, natural, and conveys a very rustic and relaxed feeling, while also maintaining an upscale impression. It’s easy to walk on, and makes for great patios, walkways, and retaining walls. Another variety of natural stone is Pennsylvania blue stone. It’s similar in size and texture to flagstone, but is a gray to blue hue, which makes for a whole new color palate while maintaining the same general feeling. For a more formal tone, we could cut the stone into square or rectangle shapes in order to create firm edges and regular patterns that exude a high-class and upscale feeling.

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