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Our recommended supplier is Midsouth Mulch in Franklin Tn. Get in touch with them at 615-599-7550

Ask about our options to get a delivery of fescue sod, bermuda sod, or zoysia sod.

Midsouth Mulch is a reputable company that provides sod installation in Franklin, TN. If you’re considering getting sod installed in your yard, here are a few reasons why Midsouth Mulch is a great choice:

  1. High-quality sod: Midsouth Mulch sources only the best sod from local growers, ensuring that the products they offer are of the highest quality. The sod is grown under optimal conditions, making it healthy and ready for immediate installation. They offer a variety of grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue.

  2. Expert installation: Midsouth Mulch has a team of experienced and skilled installers who can efficiently and effectively install your sod to ensure it takes root and thrives. Their installation process is meticulous and takes into account factors like soil preparation, drainage, and irrigation.

  3. Time-saving solution: Installing sod is a quick and efficient way to get a lush, green lawn. With Midsouth Mulch, you can have a brand new lawn in just one day. This is particularly useful if you’re in a rush to have your lawn looking great, or if you’re hosting an event soon.

  4. Cost-effective solution: Sod installation is a cost-effective way to establish a lawn, especially compared to the time and cost of seeding a lawn. Midsouth Mulch offers competitive pricing, and because their sod is of high quality, you can expect it to thrive and save you the cost of re-sodding in the future.

  5. Convenient location: Midsouth Mulch is located in Franklin, TN which is quite convenient for the people in and around the area. They are easily accessible and have regular hours of operation.

  6. Environmentally-friendly: Midsouth Mulch takes care to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices when sourcing and installing sod. They also take steps to protect natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

  7. Additional benefits of sod installation: A professionally installed lawn can add many benefits to your property, such as increasing curb appeal, improving property value, and providing a safe and healthy environment for children and pets to play on.

In conclusion, getting sod installed by Midsouth Mulch in Franklin, TN is a great option for anyone looking to establish a lush, green lawn quickly and efficiently. With high-quality sod, expert installation, and competitive pricing, Midsouth Mulch has everything you need to ensure your lawn is healthy and looks great. And in addition, you will have the peace of mind that the lawn was installed with environmentally friendly practices and the benefits it can bring to your property.