Our Sod Services


The first option is Fescue. This is probably the most common sod to be used in middle Tennessee, and has a very classic look. However, it does come with some drawbacks as well. It needs watering every day during the warmer months, requires fertilizing once or twice a year, as well as aeration and seeding, and can be difficult to keep healthy. However, this is the only evergreen option available outside of artificial turf.


Zoysia is a great choice as well. This sod is short and classy, it is a limey green in the warmer months, and tan in the winter. It’s much softer to the touch, and comfortable to walk on as well. The primary drawback for Zoysia is the price. It is the most expensive option, as it is a very slow growing plant, and takes two years to grow enough to install instead of just one like the other two varieties.

What is sod?

Sod is an essential part of any yard. If you have grass, or are in need of a  lawn, you have two major options. You can put down seed and straw, which is a tedious, arduous, and many times, less than fruitful endeavor, or you can install sod on your yard. Sod is a thin layer of dirt with grass on top that is often used in order to grow a lawn in homes and on commercial property.

How do we install sod?

We start the process with tilling the yard, in order to help the sod firmly take root. Next, as an optional but encouraged step, we like to put down a layer of compost mix to help the new sod take root in the healthiest soil available to help it put its best root forward. Finally, we lay the sod, and let it do what all plants do best, grow!

What kind of Sod is right for me?

There are three types of sod that we use on our projects, and each one suits a different need.


another type is Bermuda. Bermuda is a very aggressive and resilient grass that will survive in pretty much any environment. Although it doesn’t take much to keep it alive year-round, it does turn tan during the winter, and will leave your yard without any green during the colder months. The only thing Bermuda needs to live is plenty of sun.

Artificial Turf

We also offer artificial turf installation. While this is not sod, it is a grass replacement. If you are seeking something clean with the absolute lowest maintenance, nothing beats artificial turf. There is still some maintenance associated with turf, like cleaning off any dirt or debris every once in a while, and making sure it stays looking good. Since it does not grow, a section could potentially get worn out and need maintaining or replacing at some point in time.

What do I need to do to prepare my yard for sod?

Make room for trucks

When delivering your sod, there will need to be ample room for delivery trucks to deliver the pallets to your property for us to install. There will also need to be enough room for a few trucks for our workers to be parked on or near your property during the hours they are on the job.

Cut the existing grass

When we begin the process of installing your sod, if you cut your grass as short as possible, that makes the process of tilling and preparing the yard much faster and easier on our crews.

Order sod to your home

Your home for the types of sod you need.

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Ask about our options to get a delivery of fescue sod, bermuda sod, or zoysia sod.

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