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Why sod?

Sodding is not the only way to have a lawn, but it definitely is the quickest and easiest. You could put down seed, fertilize, water, and hope your lawn fills in like you want over the course of a year or two, or you could lay down sod and have a lush yard within a couple of months.

Is Bermuda right for you?

As Bermuda lives, it aggressively spreads around twelve feet every year in all directions, and will take over any sunny areas it can find. With a Bermuda yard, edging any beds is a must. The last major consideration with this type of sod is that it turns brown in the winter and early spring, only turning green after ground temperatures reach about seventy degrees.

Sod on pallet Nashville

Bermuda Sod

Of the three types of sod available in the middle Tennessee area, Bermuda is the second most popular choice. The only real drawback to having Bermuda grass, is that you will need full sun to keep it alive. Any areas that are partial or full shade will be left uncovered. Any full sun areas, however, will become overtaken with Bermuda, as it is an aggressive and fast grower.


In exchange, it is the lowest maintenance sod available, only requiring sun and some mild watering in the summer months. Over-seeding your yard can help if it gets sparse in an area or two, but for the most part, it will do most of the maintenance on its own.

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