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Landscaping isn’t easy, and in middle Tennessee, part of that can be caused by the large amount of clay in the soil here. The soil surrounding your plants can determine everything about their lives, so what you choose to surround them with matters.

Natural Clay

If you choose to plant in the natural clay soil in the area, there are many varieties of plants that will not thrive, if they will survive at all, since the clay tends to be so dense and heavy that their roots will eventually suffocate. We use topsoil around all plants we install for our clients in order to keep them nourished and healthy, in spite of the clay in the surrounding areas.


There are a couple of kinds of soil available to us to use on our jobs, and the most common one is topsoil. It is essentially similar to the soil you would already have, however, it’s just the uppermost layer of dirt, which means it is more loose and fertile than the clay that would already be under your yard. The biggest difference between this and what already resides in your yard, is that this will not be one solid piece that will hold water, but smaller parts and much more like traditional dirt.

Screened Dirt

With screened dirt, you have another similar product, which is basically topsoil, however, it goes through a screening process to remove any notable objects in the soil such as rocks and roots, in order to provide a more fine product.

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Order soil / dirt / fill dirt to your home

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Our recommended supplier is Midsouth Mulch in Franklin Tn. Get in touch with them at 615-599-7550

They are our favorite topsoil supplier, based in Franklin, TN. They offers a wide range of high-quality topsoil products for both residential and commercial use.