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What is a seating wall?

Walls come in many shapes, sizes, and with different purposes. Seating walls are  exactly what they sound like, a wall specifically build to be sat on. There are many options for your seat wall, like material, height, columns, and whether you want a back to lean against or not.

Complete your patio

Design-wise a wall shows a finite end to an otherwise, expansive feeling space. This conveys a feeling of intimacy and privacy you don’t receive from using patio chairs or leaving the patio bare. A seating wall brings a sense of completion to any patio space.

Fully enjoy your fire pit

Using the fire pit in your space is much more convenient and easy with a seat wall. Having everyone gather around the fire is only one step away if your seating arrangements are permanent! No more looking around for chairs to sit around the fire pit, instead, you have a gorgeous visual anchor that doubles as seating.

Paver stack patio Spring Hill


A paver seating wall will have very regular and clean lines, giving you a more formal and symmetrical feeling from looking at it. This lends itself to a more modern, angular look and feel.

Natural Stone

Using natural stone for your seat wall will give it a more uneven, informal look and feel. It gives you a more warm and relaxed feeling than something like pavers will, and adds to a more asymmetrical and calm space.

Natural Stone on pallet Spring Hill

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