Our Patio Services

More usable space.

A patio can drastically improve the usability and aesthetic experience of an outdoor space. Even the most drab and boring back or side yard can be completely transformed by simply adding a new surface to walk on. Even just adding one hundred square feet of patio as a landing area and spot to put your grill would drastically alter your backyard experience this summer.

Comfort first.

Patios may not appear to be all that important, however, when it comes to enjoying any space. Having an even, solid, and most oftentimes dry surface can make the experience much more pleasing and easier for anyone. There are also many materials and options within each material to exemplify exactly what feeling you want from your space.

Fit your style.

If you are going for something more rustic and southern, a natural stone option may be for you. Or, if you have a more modern or industrial type of space, a larger and more square paver may be your best option. You may also want to look into banding around your patio for an even more upscale look. Maybe you want diamond-cut grey natural stone with a dark paver band around the edges of your walkway, or tan pavers with a maroon band for your driveway. Either way, when creating your custom outdoor space, a patio is the best way to increase usability from the ground up! 

Gray natural stone patio with fire pit Arrington

Natural Stone Patios

Tan and brown Flagstone patio and fire pit with made with natural stone, Nashville

What is Natural Stone?

There are many material options when it comes to what your patio should be constructed of. One of our customers favorites is natural stone. Most of the natural stone products we use on our patios are sourced from Tennessee, and any others would be from another state nearby.

Color Options

There are a few colors to choose from when it comes to natural stone, primarily there is the tan like the patio in the image beside this, and gray. Both are not one solid shape or color, but a mix in a certain range, which makes for an interesting viewing experience. The other big contender for color is blue, which tends to ride the border between gray and blue hues. One of the most common color schemes our clients tend to use is a mix of the gray and tan, it’s all up to your wants and needs.

Paver Patios

Why use Pavers?

Paver patios are probably the second favorite of our clientele. While it doesn’t have the same rustic feel of a natural stone patio, it does fit a more formal or modern aesthetic easily.

Wide Variety

There are many paver options, ranging from gray to red to black to any other color you could want for your patio. Pavers are manufactured, which means they can also come in many different finishes, sizes, shapes, and patterns. If a modern look is what you’re after, you could do large rectangular and square black, white, or gray pavers to form a minimalist design, and give you a clean, manicured feeling.


Pavers also have the added option to create a border or pattern using an alternate paver for contrasting colors, division of a space, and alternating size to make your patio pop in the most stunning ways possible.


Pavers can also come in a very clean, sharp, manufactured finish with perfect clean edges, or a tumbled finish, which can lend itself to rustic charm and informal style.

Concrete Patios

concrete patio Brentwood

Why Concrete?

Many of our clients request concrete patios or walkways, it’s a tried and true hardscape that can’t be beat.


We offer many different finishes and style options for our concrete hardscapes. Broomed concrete is standard, having a smooth, fine lines brushed into the surface. Stamped concrete has the surface stamped with patterns to make it look like different kinds of stone, wood, tile, and many other patterns. There are also a variety of color options to choose from, making your concrete patio as versatile as any stone or paver.


Brick Patios

A True Classic

Everybody is familiar with good old fashioned brick. While not quite as popular as our other options, brick is a tried and true building material that always gives that same classic look and feel.


There is also some variety when it comes to color, finish, and texture. Whether you want a shade of red, tan, white, or gray, there is plenty of brick in the market. Another big benefit of brick, it’s shape is easily recognizable, and you could use endless patterns when building with it

Curvy brick patio nashville tn

What if I have a sloped yard?

The slope of your yard could affect the price for a patio. If your yard has a noticeable slope, chances are you will need a short wall on one or more sides in order to hold up the patio. Some clients opt to show off this small support wall with a matching face as what’s on the surface of the patio, and others choose to simply add in some dirt to make a comfortable decline from the edge of the patio on the sloped side, to the yard below. Whatever decisions you make for your patio, we can handle it all!

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