Stone Patios

Natural Stone Patios

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is just what it sounds like, stone straight out of the ground! A lot of the stone product we build with is sourced right here in Tennessee! It ranges in color from a tan to brown and red range to a bluey gray color. It almost always has an uneven edge, irregular shape, and some natural texturing to it’s surface. It makes for a more comfortable and inviting feel for your backyard.

Natural Stone on pallet Spring Hill

Why choose natural stone?

Natural stone is a wonderful material for your patio. It’s durable, rugged, and has an organic, rustic beauty that you just can’t find in man-made products.

Relaxed Feel

Natural stone can not only form beautiful organic shapes and patterns, but can also be diamond cut into more uniform shapes if that’s more your speed. If your space is designed to feel relaxed, comfortable, and warm, natural stone is the best choice for you!

Rustic Style

If you have a more rustic or relaxed style in your home and yard, then natural stone is the perfect choice for your backyard patio! Natural stone does not lend itself as much to themes of symmetry as it does to an organic, free-form feeling.

Best end result

When we install a natural stone patio, you don’t just get stone on the dirt, or even just set on gravel. We install a layer of compacted gravel, concrete, and mortar the stone to the whole base in order to make the most permanent structure we can. With our methods, your patio won’t experience near as much settling or cracking as you otherwise might over time.

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