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Eliminate slope

Whether you are looking to create level areas, add visual interest, or simply improve the functionality of your outdoor space, retaining walls can be a great addition to your home. They are a versatile and functional addition to any outdoor space. And can be used to create level or tiered areas in sloped or uneven yards, allowing you to create functional and usable outdoor spaces that would otherwise be unusable. With a natural stone, paver, or landscape block retaining wall, you can have control over the slope of your property that lasts, in addition to a solid, unshakable way to control erosion on your land.

Unifying your outdoor style

They can also be used to create visual interest and add dimension to an outdoor space, providing a sense of structure and design that can make an outdoor area feel more cohesive and attractive. With outdoor spaces, it’s all in the details, and a new retaining wall can revitalize the look and feel of your yard. Reclaim your backyard with a retaining wall from Quigley’s!

Natural Stone Retaining Wall

Natural Stone on pallet Spring Hill

A Natural Classic

Whether it’s a small wall around a bed like this one, or a larger wall bracing dirt in the back yard, natural stone is always a good way to go for your retaining wall. It has a classic, rustic, and comfortable look that nothing can beat. It’s also a highly durable material, as it’s 100% natural and most of the natural stone we uses actually comes from the Tennessee area.


There are also several color options from gray to tan to even slightly blue natural stone. The natural irregular shape and size of the pieces helps you truly appreciate the beauty in the nature around you. Nothing else can quite capture the natural luxurious beauty of a natural stone hardscape.

Block Retaining Wall

Find your Style

Block or paver retaining walls look much more artificial, as the stones are manufactured instead of mined or dug up naturally as the stone is. Some blocks are tumbled or given a more natural looking face so as to look less artificial. But for those seeking to have a more clean-cut modern type of look, a plain landscape block or paver may be just the smooth, sleek material you are looking for.

Color Options

Since this product is also man-made, that means there are many more options for things like color, shape, size, pattern, and texture. There are also many brands that each have their own set of particular benefits, with block and pavers, there is very little limitation on options to choose from.

block retaining wall and yard franklin

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